Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Rid of Vaginal Odor-Vaginal Discharge For Life

Hi my name is Michelle, for several years I had an embarrassing odor problem in the crotch area .I was always a very clean person. I showered often and had good hygiene but the smell was still there. Sometimes I was so embarrassed that I would just stay home and did not want to be with my boyfriend (If you know what I mean) because I knew he could smell me but was to nice to say anything.

I did sweat a lot but that turn out not to be the main problem. I tried FDS and it didn't seem to help any. Cornstarch and powders did work for about an hour. and I started to wear only cotton panties.

One Doctor told me Its just my natural smell but I really did not like it...You know, my natural 'juice' I guess...I know that sounds gross sorry....And showering that area did not work! I tried to eat healthy and drink lots of water but nothing seems to work. The smell is also very strong especially after my period. Its was so gross. I can smell it even when I take out my tampon. Ewww....Sorry for this grossness. But its women stuff.

I stop douches because I hear you can get really bad infections from to many, douches was designed to do what your body already does naturally. However, in using douches your pushing back bacteria further inside you increasing chance of infection. So my advise is not use them but if you feel you must then only once in awhile.

I felt so desperate because I was very sweaty and the smell was still there I needed help I went out to another doctor who gave me this cream and told me when I get out of the shower to prop my leg up and use my hair dryer!!! Just make sure not to burn yourself or let anyone see you. I could not believe it ,I was not going to do that for the rest of my life (But it did feel good LOL)

It was getting so embarrassing to talk to Doctor's and friends about my problem and I tried so many cures some gave relief for a short time and some didn't work at all. Here's a list...

*baking soda or white distilled vinegar in your bath water.

*using a few drop of 100% pure lavender oil in bath water.


*Ate more-garlic/onion and asparagus.

*Eve feminine spray.

*specialized soap*garden wild honey body wash.


To my dismay none of these really work....Then I decide to stop listening to people giving me fly by night remedy's and to do my own research. While one day on yahoo I was typing in different terms e.g. (vaginal discharge, bacterial vaginosis, vaginal infection, vaginal odor, vaginal itching, vaginal yeast infection,vaginal smell you get the picture)

Them I stumble upon this (Femanol Click Here) and it brought me the relief I was looking for and change my Life ,Please check out this site if you have suffer from anything I have I promise you will not be sorry and if this site that help me helps please email me at... smithe.michelle281@gmail.com

God Bless I really hope I have Helped Please feel free to email me.

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